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Finvarra's Circus is coming to town, and Leanna Weston is determined to see it. Everyone knows once the circus leaves, the fairest girl in town is found dead, deformed, and heartless. Rumors say it's the handsome ringmaster, Finvarra, who steals their beauty and their hearts, but this means little to Leanna. Her heart is damaged and failing her. Surely he won't want it. She sneaks into the circus, but caught by Finvarra, he gives her a choice: become their tightrope walker or die.

Leanna accepts, and now a part of their strange family, she learns that Finvarra never meant to harm her. He needs her to stay. An ancient curse binds the troupe to their circus. They must perform forever or perish. To break the curse, Finvarra must die, and only the famed muse, the Leanan Sidhe, can kill him. Finvarra believes he's found his muse in Leanna, and Leanna can't deny the growing attraction between them. But not everyone wants freedom for the circus and they'll kill any girl suspected of being Finvarra's inspiration.

With her life and the circus's on the line, can Leanna sacrifice her love to free the troupe? Will her feelings for Finvarra be their demise? Or will her heart fail her when she needs it the most?


Refusing to collect a soul was never a part of his bargain... Haunted by the death of a fiancée he doesn’t want, Marcus Kent strikes a deal with Death. For a century, he gathers souls by night in exchange for her life. By day, he endures a droning existence at her side while troubled by the many lives he has taken. However, when he’s tasked with collecting Abigail Archer’s soul, that monotonous gray is dispelled. He not only finds a healthy girl—with an eerie likeness to his fiancée—waiting for death, but a girl as plagued as he by the death of another.

Drawn to the mysteries of her soul, and the reason she waits for death, Marcus forms an awkward friendship with Abigail that quickly grows into more. She breathes life back into him. He can't relinquish it—any more than he can relinquish her. But breaking a deal with Death has consequences he cannot escape—at least not for long.


Years ago, the Trolls were banished into the Nether, a void of evil and darkness between the magical realms. With their greed and treachery locked away, peace has reigned throughout the worlds. But not for nineteen-year-old witch, Aramina. Being discovered to be a non-magic-a witch with waning powers- has cost her everything. A place among her people, her future as the next High Mistress of Magic, and the man she loves.

Determined to live a life without magic, Aramina's plan is foiled when Roane, a man of many secrets and tattoos thwarts her kidnapping. He introduces her to a world where non-magics are being hunted and sent into the Nether. She will never be safe unless she finds out why the Trolls need non-magics and who is smuggling them into the Nether. To get her answer, Aramina will be forced to face an evil that's had a chance to grow, and to defeat it, she'll need a different kind of magic. The kind she'll only find within herself. That is if she can finally face her demons, and if Roane's secret doesn't get her killed first.